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With international financial technology and technological capabilities, fomeCard builds a powerful global payment
network covering 150+ countries and regions worldwide. Register for a global account online and open
overseas local bank accounts for convenient payments and multi-currency collection. The global payment network
covers 60+ currencies and supports multiple payment methods, ensuring secure and fast transactions. Eliminate
currency barriers and ensure efficient fund transfers to the intended beneficiaries.
Multi-platform and multi-store management
Multi-platform management
Manage global payments with a single account, supporting multiple currencies and platforms, simplifying fund management
Convenient for financial reconciliation and effective fund control, allowing you to enjoy more convenient and efficient services
Experience. Support global online stores and platform payments, helping you easily expand global business.
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    United Kingdom
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  • Bank Name
    Saxo Payments A/S
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  • Bank Sort Code
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fomeCard is committed to providing professional and efficient services, with fast response from online customer service and technical consultant support throughout the process.
We provide you with free training and service support, allowing you to enjoy convenience and peace of mind in the global payment field.
Let fomeCard be your preferred global payment solution, easily manage global funds, and enjoy the convenience of global payments!
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